Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Manually Install Django-Nonrel 1.5

At the time of this writing, the installation guide for Django-Nonrel does not list the most updated repositories and is misleading. So I'm writing this to give some people a clue who are trying to figure the puzzle out.

If you just want to easily install Django-Nonrel for Google App Engine right now, then use the Django-Nonrel Installer (supports versions 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5)

Here are the steps for a manual install of django-nonrel:
  1. Download the all needed archives.

Also needed for MongoDB backend:

*Advance warning. Django-Testapp does not work with MongoDB at the time of this writing. So if you're installing MongoDB, but hopefully these instructions can get you in the right direction*

  1. Extract the archives.
  2. It's recommended (not mandatory) to rename every folder to something more relevant.
rename django-nonrel-nonrel-search-cd54e52/ to nonrel-search/

  1. A) If you know how symbolic linking works, link all of the libraries into the folder django-testapp/
This can be tricky because many of the libraries are an extra level deep in structure. You have to look inside each folder and find the name of the library folder. The library folder inside nonrel-search is named "search".
cd django-testapp
ln -s ../nonrel-search/search .

  1. B) If you're unfamiliar with symbolic linking or if you're on a Microsoft system, just move the library folders directly into the django-testapp/ folder.
Again, you have to look inside each folder and find the name of the library folder.
cut nonrel-search/search/ paste into django-testapp/

    At this time you should have a complete setup. If you have the GAE sdk installed and listed in your $PATH, you can test out the local server. Change to the directory django-testapp/ and start up the local server by running a command similar to this:
    $ python manage.py runserver

    Then point your browser to:

    For more Django-Nonrel Documentation:

    Update 2013 May 23:Fixed archive URLs, and updated to django -nonrel 1.5 beta.

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